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Tenth International Conference Marketing in Ukraine
22-23 October 2009

The conference is organized by:
All Ukrainian public organization Ukrainian Marketing Association
Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Getman
KNEU Marketing Department

The main aim of the conference: understanding main ways of marketing development in Ukraine, presentation of the newest marketing technologies, discussion the practice of teaching marketing, exchanging experience with foreign marketing specialists.
Major sections:
Marketing research: modern time and quality problems
Best practices of using marketing technologies in Ukraine
Teaching marketing
Advertising, PR and direct-marketing: best practices

Financial information: conference fee euro 100

Sponsored by:

Contact information: prospect Peremogy 54/1, Of.434, 436, Kyiv, Ukraine 03057
+380 44 4560894
e-mail: uma@kneu.kiev.ua
Call for papers: e-mail: uma@kneu.kiev.ua

Ukrainian Marketing Research Market 2008: expert estimation and UMA analysis
Iryna Lylyk,
General Director
Ukrainian Marketing Association
National ESOMAR Representative in Ukraine since 2005

In February March 2009 UMA conducted sixth annual estimation of marketing research market development (executed by marketing research agencies on order; without regarding to own research, being conducted by marketing departments or divisions of manufacturing enterprises and market operators) in Ukraine during 2008, and also of perspectives of sector development on 2009.
Expert estimation is based on own declarations of research agencies UMA members about results of their activities in past year and about plans on this year, and also on conclusions of UMA experts about turnover of all marketing research market and main tendencies of market development. According to UMA estimation, in 2008 turnover of marketing research market amounted about 52 million US dollars without VAT. This sum of money is rather approximate because of dramatic changes of hryvna rate in 2008. If we would account using average weighted hryvna rate during last year 5,0:1, this sum would amount approximately 260 million hryvnas. Thereby, turnover in dollar equivalent increased on 18,5% without taking into consideration inflation factor.
We would remind you that UMA estimation of market turnover in 2007 43,9 million dollars, growth rate +31%, with taking into consideration inflation factor -14-45%, previous prediction on 2008 +28%.
Thereby, positive dynamics of marketing research market development in 2008 formally was preserved. However, taking into consideration inflation factor and hryvna downfall, situation in 2008 became worse. In 2003-2006 average prediction of market growth varied within the limits of 20-25%. Final growth estimation was 27-35%.
Taking into consideration relatively moderate inflation, in invariable prices market turnovers increased annually within limits of 20-30%. In 2007, taking into consideration inflation factor and some decreasing dollar rate approximately to hryvna, real increasing of marketing research market turnover didnt exceed 14-15% and at first during UMA estimations was lower then predicted indicators. In 2008, taking into consideration inflation factor and clients accounts with research executives in hryvnas, real market expansion practically stopped. Predictions of their turnovers on 2009 provided 15 research agencies, mainly big and medium. Their total turnover in 2008 amounted approximately 39,0 million dollars, or 75% of market turnover according to UMA estimation. Five companies among them pointed out predicted increase of their turnovers this year. 4 companies think that their turnovers practically will not change (prediction within the limits +/-5%). 5 companies think that their turnovers will decrease. Total turnover of these companies in 2009 is expected in amount of 37,15 million in dollar equivalent, it means 4,7%. Turnovers of half of mentioned companies decreased in IVth quarter, 2008 (in average to 10%). In addition, worsening of pay discipline by clients was fixed.
Relying on mentioned facts, we can predict shrinkage of marketing research market in 2009 within limits of 5%. In addition, starting from IIIth quarter, 2008, in Ukraine one can observe process of discharging marketing specialists in enterprises of different branches and patterns of ownership. Scale of this process requires special research. However, even now it is obvious: professional potential in the sphere of marketing (accumulated by Ukrainian economy for last 10 years period of active adoption of market mechanisms of doing business) is watering down now. It means that recovery of positive dynamics of marketing research market development may last for a rather long time.

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20-21 November 2008


Marketing research market in Ukraine, 2007 UMA expert estimation and analysis
Iryna Lylyk,
General director
Ukrainian Marketing Association,
ESOMAR National Representative in Ukraine since 2005

In February March 2008 UMA made fifth annually expert estimation of the development of market research market (made by marketing research agencies to order; without own research, being provided by marketing departments of manufacturers and market operators) in Ukraine during last 2007 year, and perspective on 2008 year. Expert estimation based on own declarations of research agencies UMA members about results of their activities in last year and about plans on this year, and also on conclusions of UMA experts about turnover of all marketing research market and main tendencies of its development; also we took into consideration data base of Statinformconsulting company.
Summarizing, according to UMA estimation, in 2007 turnover of marketing research market accounts for $43,9 mln. or more than 219 mln. hryvnas, according to hryvna exchange-rate 5,0 hrn. For 1$, without added value tax), this means increasing turnover in dollar equivalent on 31%, without taking in consideration inflation factor.


Melnikova Street 79/81
Marketing in Ukraine
20-21 November 2008

Round table:
"Light industry:
Partnership and competition in domestic market"

Date: 26 April 2007
Place: Kyiv, Nemyrovucha - Danchenka Street, 2,
Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design,
Main (first) building, conference - hall

Forum Questions of Marketing and Advertising in Agri-Business

Action Data Group during the Agroprom 2007 exhibition, which will take place in February, 21-23rd, 2007 at the exhibition centre Meteor (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine), will traditionally organize a forum related to questions in marketing. This time the theme of the forum will be Questions of Marketing and Advertising in Agri-Business. Serghei Dascalu - President of Action Data Group - will open the forum with a lecture regarding B2B Market in agricultural market segment and progress particularities in agri-business.

Forum will take place on February 22nd, 2007 in the conference room #1. Forum is planned to be an exchange of practical issues addressed by marketing managers involved and with experience in agri-business marketing research.

The participants of the forum will be not only the companies which are participating at the exhibition, but also companies and marketing specialists interested in the forum subject.

Registration for participation is open until February 14, 2007.

Requests for participation must be addressed to e-mail: crm@actiondatagroup.com

Congratulations to the Ukrainian Marketing Association on their 10th anniversary.

As the first professional marketing association in the Ukraine, the UMA has played a vital role in developing the Ukrainian market research industry and supported increasing numbers of Ukrainian market research professionals becoming ESOMAR members.

Furthermore, having translated the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice into Ukrainian in 2003, the UMA has paved the way for the industry to further advance onto an international platform.

On behalf of ESOMAR I wish them every success for the future.

Best wishes,

ESOMAR Director General

Véronique Jeannin

Dear Ukrainian Marketing Association!

Congratulations for your 10th anniversary!

We are pleased to count you as a member of the EMC. As you know, our activities are focusing on the exchange of best practices between EMC members, either best practices in marketing or best practices in associations. Marketers from all over Europe have the opportunity to exchange their knowledge and experiences via our online networking website www.euromarketers.net . The EMC also represent its members interest towards the European institutions and inform its members about European policies developments that might impact the marketing profession in a short future. Lastly EMC has developed its own accreditation process based on a framework promoted by the EU (the EQF) and offering marketers the opportunity to have their skills and competences recognized at European level.

Our aim is to promote and develop marketing as the fundamental business process leading to economic growth and prosperity.

The UMA participating in our activities creates conditions for the Ukrainian marketing managers to join international cooperation of professionals.

On behalf of the EMC I would like to express my sincere congratulations for this effort and wish the success of all UMA members!

Best wishes,
EMC Chairman Nikos Panoussopoulos


03057, Kiev-57,
prosp.Peremogi, 54/1, r.436
tel./faks. +38 (044) 456-08-94; 459 62 09
Ukrainian Marketing Association