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Action Data Group has completed a major research of the meat and vegetable preservation market and juice concentrates


Dnipropetrovsk, February 14, 2007



The goal of the project has been to assess meat and vegetable preservation and juice concentrates market. Findings have been attuned to point out at internal and external reserves for more complete and high-quality customer satisfaction. The research has managed to cover all relevant aspects. Exactly - who is the basic consumer of similar production, how to attract new customers, what products are most popular, what are the market trends.

The research regions were: Dnipropetrovsk, Lugansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Odessa, Kyiv and Lviv regions. Sample size - 1800 respondents. Methodology: in-home interviews with a stratified sample. Such secondary sources, as official statistics, regional and specialized printed editions, and the corporate Knowledge Base have been analyzed. An important part of the research were expert interviews.

The results of research will help our client to diversify the line of production, therefore - to enhance the Ukrainian consumer’s gastronomic experience.

Action Data Group LLC follows a strict rule of confidentiality, therefore we cannot at this time disclose the name of our client.

«Studying market tendencies in the food sector is always an interesting task. Because the researchers pursue a twofold purpose. First - to carry out the task requested by the client, and second - researchers are people too, so they are consumers of this production. Therefore it is always interesting to know, what products will be on offer from manufacturers tomorrow, what our appetites will be satisfied with. And no doubt that an updated assortment will be on the shelves shortly», – stated Oleg-Jean Dascalu, Vice-president of Action Data Group.


In brief:


Action Data Group LLC is a marketing consultancy, operating in Ukraine and the CIS since 1995. ADG specializes in market research and consulting projects, competitive studies, feasibility studies, due diligence and company evaluations, access channel assessment, organizational consulting and bpr, as well as HR services.


Additional information at:

Action Data Group LLC – Volodymyr Gradysky, tel.: +380 (56) 370-22-82




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