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Named after Vladimir DAL

Rector Alexander Golubenko , Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor

Address: 20а, Molodjozhny block, Lugansk, 91034, Ukraine

E-mail: uni@snu.edu.ua Web— page: www.snu.edu.ua

Telephones: +38 0642 41 22 25, +38 0642 47 82 28

Fax: +38 0642 41 31 60

Foundation year — 1920

Students quantity — 32000

Contact persons: Sultan Ramazanov , Dean of Management Faculty, Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor,

Tatyana Maximova , Head of Marketing Department, Doctor of Economic Science, Professor

University of fourth level of accreditation.

Specialties in the sphere "Economy and Entrepreneurship": marketing, economic cybernetics, international economy, finance, banking, accounting and audit, economy of the enterprise, personnel management and labour economics, economic statistics, taxation;

"Management": management of organizations, management of foreign trade activities.

Forms of education: day-time, correspondence, express.

State-certified diplomas of Bachelor, Specialist and Master degree.

East-Ukrainian National University named after V. Dal is a versatile higher educational establishment, training competent experts in humanities, economics, computer, mathematics, natural-, social-, technical-, legal— science, and engineering. Fundamental and applied scientific researches hare conducted at the University Scientific and scientific-pedagogical specialists are prepared. EUNU named after V. Dal has a powerful scientific and pedagogical potential, which gives it possibility to carry out effective training of the competent experts in 122 specialities, including 8 military ones. Doctorate and post-graduate courses in 18 and 44 specialities, respectively, prepare teaching and scientific — pedagogical staff.

The faculty of managements founded in 2001, is the basic in the region in preparation of administrative staff having the highest qualification in specialities: marketing, economic cybernetics, management of organizations, management of foreign trade activities, personnel management and labour economics, economic statistics. Council for doctor and candidate of science degree defence D 29.051.01 in speciality 08.06.01 — Economics, organization and management of enterprise is attached to the University.

One of the leading departments human resource of the faculty of management, department of Marketing, founded in 1973. The graduates of the speciality Marketing are the competent experts in the field of marketing research, analysis of the consumers behaviour, business organization, estimation of competitiveness of the goods, organization of intermediary activity, advertising, development of marketing strategy. Within the framework of a speciality the bachelors, specialists masters are prepared.

The young men have a possibility to study at the faculty of military preparation, receiving a new additional speciality. The students scientific club works. The students at the University participate in conferences, competitions of student's works, Olympiads, constantly they are invited to fulfil cirtain tasks in state budget scientific. The scientific scholar functioning at the department assist enterprises of the region in conducting marketing reaserches it also helps the members of department staff to perfect their scientific and pedagogical qualification. There are a full — time and correspondence post — graduate courses at the department. Doctor and candidate degree thesis in economics are prepared in the frames of scientific trends of department development.

The member of the UMA.

03057, Kiev-57,
prosp.Peremogi, 54/1, r.436
tel./faks. +38 (044) 456-08-94; 459 62 09
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Ukrainian Marketing Association