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Mukachiv Technological Institute

Rector Yuriy Migalina , Doctor of Chemistry, Professor,

Academician of Interregional Personnel Academy

Address: 26, Ujgorodska str., Mukachevo, 89608, Ukraine

E-mail: info@mti.edu.ua

Web-site: www.mti.edu.ua

Tel: +380 3131 211 09

Fax: +380 3131 211 09

Established – 1997

Employees – 132

Contact:Ph.D. in Economics I. Chuchka – Dean of Marketing Department, O. Lendel – assistant of Marketing Department

Fields of training (specializations) of the Mukachiv Technological Institute: economics and business undertakings: marketing, finance, accounting, management: management of organizations; management of external economics; tourism; light industry: sewing, footwear.

Forms of education : daily, distance learning

Cost of education: marketing — daily form of education 3200 hrn., tuition by correspondence — 1950 hrn.; finance — daily form of education — 4100 hrn., tuition by correspondence — 2150 hrn.; accounting — 4000/2400; management of organizations — 3200/1950; tourism — 3700; management of external economics — 4100/2450 hrn.; sewing — 2800/1700; footwear etc. 2500/1500 hrn.

Diplomas and certificates given:

The institute trains specialists presently at such educational-qualification levels: bachelor and specialist with the term of study accordingly 4 and 5 years, in the four directions of basic higher education (light industry, economics and business undertakings, management, tourism), with 8 specializations: sewing; footwear, finance, accounting, marketing, management of organizations, management of external economics, tourism and several others. Preparatory courses exist since 1996.

The Mukachiv Technological Institute trains specialists within different forms of education and today is the only state owned institution of higher learning in Zakarpattya, which provides the region and neighbor regions with the specialists in engineering and technical staff for the light industry. MTI is the only establishment of higher learning in the region that trains specialists in the field of marketing and tourism.

3 departments form the structure of the institute: technological, engineering-economical, tuition by correspondence and the Vinogradiv Technological College .

139 teachers and lecturers provide the educational process, 34 of which are the doctors and professors, 62 candidates of sciences, assistant professors. The general amount of lecturers with an scientific degree is 71%, among them 24.4% are doctors of sciences, 44.5% — candidates. Two of the doctors of sciences are members-correspondents of the National Academy of Sciences, one is the member-correspondent of the Ukrainian Agrarian Academy of Sciences, one is the academician of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, two are distinguished economists of Ukraine and two are the distinguished scientists in the field of technical science of Ukraine .

The number of students is about 3.5 thousands.

Starting from the year 2000 a post-graduate faculty has been opened in "Technology of sewing", "Technology of footwear and leather articles", and in 2003 — " Economics, organization and management of an enterprise".

In the year 2003 a marketing department has been established in MTI. 21 lecturers work within the department. 5 of them are professors, doctors of science, 10 are assistant professors, candidates of sciences and 7 are lecturers and assistants.

More than 70 scientific works on the problems of marketing have been published by the officials of the department. Within the years 2003-2005 more than 20 marketing researches have been conducted by the employees of the department. All the researches are of a scientific and applied character.

The Mukachiv Technological Institute is a member of UMA.


03057, Kiev-57,
prosp.Peremogi, 54/1, r.436
tel./faks. +38 (044) 456-08-94; 459 62 09
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