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Donetsk National University

Rector Vladimir Shevchenko , Academician of a National Academy of Sciences

Address: 24, Universitskay str., Donetsk , 83055, Ukraine

E-mail: market@donqu.donetsk.ua; marklab@dongu.donetsk.ua

Phone: +380 62 338 4783; 338 4604

Fax: +38 062 335 5021; 304 7112

Foundation year – 1937

Students quantity – 17715

Contact: Gennadiy Chernichenko , Dean of the Economic Faculty, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Mihailo Belyavtsev , Head of the Marketing Department, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor.

University of the 4 th accredidation level;

Specialities in the spare of ‘Economy and Entrepeneurship': marketing, economic cybernetics, international economy, personnel management and labour economics, economics of enterprises, banking, economic statistics, accounting and audit, finance;

In the sphere of ‘Management': management of organizations.

Forms of education : day-time, correspondence, express.

State-certified diplomas of Bachelor, Specialist and Master degree.

The scientific and pedagogical activity of the University began in July, 1937. The University has a large scientific and pedagogical potential, which gives it an opportunity to provide the effective training in 41 specialities. Today the University offers doctorate and post-graduate courses in 12 and 56 specialties respectively. The Economic Faculty of the University was founded in 1996. It has the fourth (the highest) accreditation level and it is basic regional faculty providing highly qualified training on specialties: Economy of the Enterprise ; Marketing; Management of Organizations; International Economy; Personnel Management and Economy of Labor. The new Master's program – ‘Applied Economics' with period of education of the one year and a half has been opened there. Eight departments with academic staff of 98 persons provide training at the faculty.

Marketing Department, which is one of the leading departments of the Economic Faculty was founded in 1972. It provides training in speciality ‘Marketing' for the bachelor/specialist/master degree. For those who want to receive higher education by means of self-instruction we organized external studies. The marketing students are involved in research work of the faculty, they regularly take part in conferences, competitions of students' works, Olympiads. The scientific activity of the faculty is carried out in the following directions: problems of marketing development and logistics in transitive economy; marketing research of technical and production goods; methods of calculation of the rate of stocks of material resourches.

Donetsk National University is a member of the UMA.


03057, Kiev-57,
prosp.Peremogi, 54/1, r.436
tel./faks. +38 (044) 456-08-94; 459 62 09
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