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World of Techniques and Technologies
Publishing House Ltd.”Promin'

Director Anzhelika A. Kravchenko

Address: P.O.B. 1091, Kharkiv, 61118, Ukraine

E-mail: reklama@mtt.com.ua, pochta@mtt.com.ua

Web-site: www.mtt.com.ua

Tel: +380 572 547 752, 547 758

Fax: +380 57 757 8980

Publishing house foundation date – 2002

Number of employees – 15

Contact: Tatyana I. Lapteva

Monthly international magazine "The World of Technics and Technology" has been published from January 2002. Our issue is spread not only in Ukraine , but also in Russia , Byelorussia and Germany .

Four years of feverish activity made our edition the most popular among the similar journals. And the matter of this fact is not only in "information deficiency" which is the main problem of modern domestic industry, but also because of our approach to the topical content of the magazine.

Constant sections

•  "RELEVANT" (economic news, exhibitions, seminars, conferences )

•  "COVERAGE SECTOR" (enterprise news, branch problems, market reviews )

•  "EQUIPMENT" (advantages and specifications of different mechanisms, machines, devices)

•  "INNOVATIONS" (advanced technologies, modern means of manufacture)

•  "TOOLS" (Characteristics of the metal cutting tool, specification of manufacture and use)

•  "AUTOMATICS" (means of industrial automation, analysis and estimation of the automation system)

•  "TECHNO-plus" ("magazine in magazine", topical selection of articles)

•  "TRADING HALL OF INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT" (information about metal cutting equipment, which was in use, accessories to it, and announcements of repair, restoration and modernization the equipment)

Special sections



•  "SERVICE" (repairing facilities, certifications, specifications of juristical, advertising, financial and credit, marketing activity)

•  "SPECIALINFORM" (widening of the engineering views)

•  "YOUR PARTNERS" (information about the advanced domestic enterprises)

•  "THE POINT OF VIEW" (private points of view on the different types of problems in the branch of technics, economics etc.)

As will readily be observed, the editorial policy of "The World of Technics and Technology" consists of prompting information bridges between developers of technics and technical processes, producers of the industrial output, providers and consumers.


03057, Kiev-57,
prosp.Peremogi, 54/1, r.436
tel./faks. +38 (044) 456-08-94; 459 62 09
© 2001-2010
Ukrainian Marketing Association