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Limited liability company
UMP – Ukrainian Marketing Project

Director: Dmytro B. Agrachov

Address: Suvorova St. 19A, office 1, Kyiv, 01010, Ukraine

E-mail: info@ump.kiev.ua

Web-page: www.ump.kiev.ua

Telephone: + 3 80 254 2252 , Fax: +380 44 288 8298

Foundation year – 1996

Number of permanent employees – 10

Net availability and number of interviewers – 420

Contact person: Max Zolotaryov, Nataly Danilenko

(Project managers)

Кinds of activity : Quantitative and Qualitative researches. Qualitative researches are presented by next methods: focus-groups, in-depth-interviews (including experts). Among quantitative researches: "face-to-face" interviews, phone surveys, central location studies, gang surveys, "Mystery Shopping", Usage and Attitudes (U&A) — whole brand exploration. Research with the use of computer: CATI, CAPI. Desk research. Retail audit.

Services offered : UMP proposes both ad hoc quantitative, qualitative (for concrete customer) and continuous researches. Themes: goods markets research (goods of wide use, goods of long-term use), business-to-business & consumers research, advertisement testing, market segmentation, consumer's typology, media research, "Publication Profile" research (the research of readership of a publication, its perception, and evaluation of advertising perspectives) medical/pharmaceutical researches, packing research, price research, product testing/new products' research, sociological and/or public opinion research, brand, image research, general size of sale and service research, price & distribution monitoring for different categories of products, census

Among continuous research types:

•  Tracking project "Product brand" & "Omnibus" is conducted quarterly in every region of Ukraine during 6 last years. At present since March 1999 there were conducted 28 waves of Syndicated project. The project was worked out to study main indexes and its dynamics for convenience goods brands (awareness, favours, purchase and usage, awareness of ads). Cumulative information allows tracking the dynamic of peoples' favours changing up to brands. Within Omnibus there is a possibility to include a set of questions with various contents. Now our sampling is 2800 respondents, from 11 to 59 years old, in 86 settlements of Ukraine

•  Retail Audit: Price & Distribution checks. Under the monitoring fall the next categories: juices, non alcoholic drinks, mineral water, energetic drinks, child's nutrition, and alcoholic drinks and moreover, Retail Audit and Census of periodicals has been launched for the first time in Ukraine (weekly editions, by-weekly magazines, monthly editions)

ESOMAR, UAM member in his/her work keeps to ESOMAR Directives and Guidance, UAM marketing researches quality standards.


03057, Kiev-57,
prosp.Peremogi, 54/1, r.436
tel./faks. +38 (044) 456-08-94; 459 62 09
© 2001-2010
Ukrainian Marketing Association