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network agency
TNS Ukraine

Managing Director: Dr. Mykola Churylov ,

Address: 1 /8, Igorivs'ka str., Kyiv, 04070, Ukraine

E-mail: mail@tns-global.com.ua

Web-site: www.tns-global.com.ua

Tel: +380 44 201 1010

Fax: + 380 44 201 1015

Established: 2002

Employees: 90

Interviewers: 1300

Contact: Ms. Anna Dobrivecher, Ms. Iryna Pantaliy,

Ms. Svitlana Vynoslavska

Research methods : quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative methods: face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews (CATI, 102 working places), diary panel study, desk research, store check, etc.

Qualitative methods: focus groups, depth interviews, observation research.

Services offered : as a full service market research company, TNS Ukraine helps its clients to understand better their brand, their markets, relationships and customers as well as new opportunities for business development. For instance, market modeling, customer satisfaction, new product/brand development, product testing, name testing, package testing, advertising testing, brand image research, strategic opportunities spheres reveal, corporate climate research, social research, etc. The services are provided in the following sectors: automotive, healthcare and pharmacology, information technologies and telecommunications, FMCG, industrial production, retail, Internet, media, finance and banking.

As a member of the TNS Network, our company offers Branded Solutions that can be used both individually and as a part of a research program: NeedScope System ™: A system for measuring consumer needs and motivations, which uses a proven psychological framework to uncover the fundamental elements linking successful brands and their consumers; AdEval™ : An advertising pre-testing system, which evaluates an advertisement's performance, using unique and powerful diagnostics to show how advertising can be optimized; MarketWhys™ : The brand and advertising tracking system, which goes beyond basic awareness measures to understand the real impact of marketing activities; Optima™ : A brand portfolio management tool, which offers a powerful understanding of how markets work, based on how and why consumers choose the brands they do; Conversion Model™: A psychological measure of human behavior, which analyses customer commitment. It identifies which customers are committed to the brand or service, which are likely to defect and what the future direction for the brand will be.

TNS Ukraine conducts both research for individual clients and continuous research.

These are continuous research types : Marketing Media Index : single source database which combines consumption and media data; National Readership Survey : measurement of regional press audience; Print Media Index Kiev : specialized editions' audience measurement; Print Media Index Regions : specialized editions' audience measurement; Radio Diary Kiev : radio audience measurement based on 15-minute slots one week diary; Radio Index Regions : radio audience measurement by CATI; CATI Mobile Index : mobile connection market study; Omnibus: opportunity to study Ukrainian society and its reaction on actual events, consumption of various goods and services. TNS Ukraine — the first agency on Ukrainian and all postSoviet market of marketing researches which has received certificate ISO 9001:2000. That confirms the accordance of Company's management system to high European standards of management.

TNS Ukraine is a member of the UMA, ESOMAR, Gallup International Association and it renders market research services in accordance with the UMA Marketing Research Quality Standards and ESOMAR Codes & Guidelines.


03057, Kiev-57,
prosp.Peremogi, 54/1, r.436
tel./faks. +38 (044) 456-08-94; 459 62 09
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Ukrainian Marketing Association