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Local Parent Company
Bureau of statistical analysis

President: Gasanenko Natalia

Address: prospect G/Stalingrady, 20, 322, Kiev , 04210, Ukrain e

E-mail: info@oca.com.ua

Web-site: www.oca.com.ua

Tel: + 380 44 464 48 11

Fax: + 380 44 464 48 11

Established: 2004

Employees: 5

Interviewers: 450

Contact: Gasanenko Natalia, Gorbachik Aleksey

Activity methods : Creation of tools for the data analysis of social and marketing researches.

Teaching to the methods of social and marketing researches, preparation of educational methodical materials. Teaching, accompaniment of the proper software products.

Consulting in area of conducting of social and marketing researches (development of tool of data capture, planning of sample, teaching of personnel, data processing and etc.).

Services offered : Exclusive Sale and introduction OСA New Line — modern technology of data processing and data analysis of sociological and marketing researches.

Corporate seminars on conducting to the analysis of results of marketing researches.

Development of tool and instructions for conducting of difficult marketing researches.

Analysis of results of marketing researches.

"ОСА — the technology of data processing and analysis in sociological and marketing research — has been for 15 years on the market of Ukraine . All of these years the technology has been developing taking into account needs of the specialists it was aimed at.

We will be happy if our new project OCA New Line will be of use to professionals and help them solve complicated and interesting tasks that they face".

(Andrey Gorbachik, author of OCA, Ph.D. in physics and mathematics, Head of Chair of Methodology and Methods of Sociological Research of the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology for Kiev State University by T. G. Shevchenko)

Currently the family of OCA software technologies includes the following :

OCA MakeForm — data input module

OCA for Windows — statistical analysis of sociological and marketing research

OCA New Line — modern software for operating with projects of different structures: monitoring, tracking, panel, diaries, etc. It can boast with a simple and user-friendly interface, the possibility to generate reports by the patterns preliminary described. It is completely compatible with SPSS format; it can show the results on geographical maps and other structured images.

OCA New Line Technology — software for data preparation for the subsequent analysis in OCA New Line

OCA DataCorrector — program-translator for the commands of OCA that allow quickly make logic control of data input, introduce new indicators and re-code those that already exist, restructure data files on the basis of the tasks written beforehand.

OCA CATI — software that allow conducting telephone surveys using computer

OCA VIKING — software that allow analysis of qualitative text information (in-depths, focus groups, etc.)

Is the UMA member.


03057, Kiev-57,
prosp.Peremogi, 54/1, r.436
tel./faks. +38 (044) 456-08-94; 459 62 09
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Ukrainian Marketing Association