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Ukrainian Parent Company

President: Mykhailo Veklyk
vul. Serbs’ka, 7, office 1
phone: +380 32 224-81-33
phone/fax: +380 32 272-20-26
mobile: +380 50 84-83-001

vul. L’va Tolstoho, 28, office 1

For correspondence:
P.O.Box 7496, L’viv 79070 Ukraine
Representative in Kyiv:
New Business Director:
Dmytro Sinyak
PRitcelsa PR-Agency
prov. Chervonoarmiys’kyi, 3
phone: +380 67 791-07-08
+380 44 495-12-68
e-fax: +380 44 390-88-30 (0411 in tone mode; documents and voice messages can be readdress from there to E-mail)

info@m-v-group.com (temporary unavailable)

Activity methods:
Business and/or Research Consultancy
Data Processing Services
Data mining
Desk research
Face-to-face fieldwork
Laboratory test facilities
Mail surveys
Omnibus surveys
Panel and/or continuous surveys
Qualitative marketing research
Statistical analysis

Services offered:
Advertising Research
Trade mark Research (point, which)
Business-to-business Research
Child Studies
Consumer Marketing Research
Customer Satisfaction
Financial Research
Industrial Research
Market Modeling
Market Segmentation, Typology
Media Research
Medical/pharmaceutical Research
Packaging Research
Personnel Surveys
Pricing Research
Product testing/New Product Research
Development and Research ad hoc
Social and/or Opinion Research Brand Image Research
Travel/tourism Research
Wholesale or Retail Research


We provide services which outmatch expectations and bring result that works.

We provide professional client service and creative solutions both for direct advertisers and advertisement sellers, and for all other buyers and sellers in different markets.

We move towards to our clients with the purpose of deepening of their understanding of marketing researches value in solving real problems and making more effective decisions.

We work continuously to make data of marketing researches results – both information, and technology – as much available, clear and easy-to-use for our clients as possible.


We devote all of our efforts to clients to satisfy their needs for solving marketing problems and current subjects for growth of profitability:

  • collecting and analyzing a market information, we make markets more open to understanding by our clients;
  • studying public opinion, we reveal habits, moods, tastes and expectations of citizens concerning products and services, trade marks and brands that helps our clients to be closer to consumers and to understand them better;
  • researching preferences of consumers in sphere of mass communication media and advertising, we help advertisers and agencies to maximize efficiency of media strategy.

We aspire to be the research laboratory whose professional findings will add a positive effect to marketing decisions of our clients.

Member of the UMA (Ukrainian Marketing Association), member of the OMS (All-Russian Marketing System) of RAM (Russian Association of Marketing)


03057, Kiev-57,
prosp.Peremogi, 54/1, r.436
tel./faks. +38 (044) 456-08-94; 459 62 09
© 2001-2010
Ukrainian Marketing Association