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belongs to the Factum-Group network

Executive Director Olena Popova

Address: 19-V, Velyka Zhytomyrska St. , Kyiv, 01025, Ukraine

E-mail: office@InMind.com.ua

Web - site : www.inmind.com.ua

Tel: + 38 044 539 1639, 331 4426 /27 /28 /29

Fax: + 38 044 246 4027

Established 2004

Employees 28

Interviewers National interviewers' network (more than 450 interviewers )

Contact: Olena Zhytnyk , Marketing Director

Activity methods : face-to-face interviews (in-home & outdoor), phone interviews (PATI, CATI), diary surveys, mail surveys, internet surveys, omnibus surveys, focus group discussions, in-depth interviews, expert polls, hall-tests (CLT), ethnointerviews, psychosemantic surveys, statistical analysis, desk research, consulting, others.

Services offered : ad ho & tracking surveys: B2C & B2B Segmentation (SegmentValue), Brand image & brand potential research (BrandMind); customer marketing research: customer behavior, decision-making process, satisfaction, loyalty; packaging research, pricing research, wholesale & retail research, advertising research, media research, product / concept / logo / name testing, research support during new product launch / brand repositioning, business-to-business survey, industrial research, market modeling, desk research, internet research, social and opinion research, international marketing research, others.

InMind is a full-service market research company. Its range of services in marketing research and consulting includes research strategies development, research support for brands launch and re-launch, quantitative and qualitative market / customer / product research, innovation analysis, research audit. Our mission is to develop the domestic marketing research its methodology, quality, and analysis technology. As an official representative and co-founder of International research network Factum-Group, InMind conducts market research in Central-Eastern Europe and Baltic countries.

Main directions of research conducted by InMind are as follows :

Market study : consumers and business markets segmentation (B2C & B2B); forecasting of market and company's market share; potential markets research.

Consumer behavior research : usage & Attitude, target audience of product / service research; satisfaction, loyalty, direct and inverse switching; ad, PR-campaigns impact & efficiency; lifestyles survey; "nodal groups" research (studying the focal points of consumer behavior scenarios' formation).

Product research : brand innovational analysis; research support for new brands launch and re-launch; brand equity assessment; concept / product / logo / brand image testing.

InMind methodics : BrandMind, SegmentValue, LogoMind, AdHitRatio, Customer Consideration Set, Cre8tiveMinds, MarketView.

ember of the Factum-Group, ESOMAR, UMA.


03057, Kiev-57,
prosp.Peremogi, 54/1, r.436
tel./faks. +38 (044) 456-08-94; 459 62 09
Ukrainian Marketing Association