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state enterprise

Director Volodymyr S. Vlasyuk

Address: PO Box 38 , 73 Artema str., off.1020,

Kyiv, 04053, Ukraine

E-mail: expert@expert.kiev.ua

Web-site: www.expert.kiev.ua

Tel: +380 44 486 3316

Fax: +380 44 484 6483

Established 1993

Employees 2 0

Activity methods :

Business and/or research consultancy, omnibus surveys, panel and/or continuous surveys, qualitative marketing research, statistical analysis.

Services offered :

Trade mark research: manufactured products, foodstuff, household chemical goods, building materials, business-to-business research, industrial research, international marketing research, market segmentation and typological structure, research of total volumes of sales and services, pricing research.

Company is engaged in expertise services for governmental authorities and institutions, administrations of special economic zones, areas of priority development, service yards. New integrated directions of appraisal activities are on stream development of business-plans of investment projects and perspective business strategies.

The structure of State enterprise Ukrpromzovnishexpertyza has been built by functional principle. Staff base consists of specialists with higher economical, technical and physical-mathematical education. Among staff there are 3 Ph.D. and 1 Doctor of Sciences. Average age of employees is 34 years.

Today company offers services on 4 main directions:

appraisal of business and expertise (evaluation of property, rights of property and business; expertise of business strategies and business-plans; expertise of external economic contracts);

marketing researches (market capacity determination, market segmentation and forecast of its development for the nearest years, recommendations concerning strategies of company's market development and products perspective for manufacture);

special information-analytic projects (issuing periodic marketing bulletins; performing monitoring of certain goods markets and potential consumers of products);

business-planning (development of business-plans of investment projects for obtaining credits, development of business strategies of market and new directions of activity).

Among our clients there are leading Ukrainian enterprises: Mittal Steel Kryvyi Rih, Azovstal, Zaporizhstal, MMK im.Illicha, Yenakiyevs'kyi MZ, Donets'kyi MZ, Poltavs'kyi GZK, Ukrrudprom, concern Energo, ISD corporation, Leman.Ukraina, Ukrainian State Corporation of Building Materials Industry Ukrbudmaterialy; Lukor; Dniproazot; Eurasia; UPTK and also a range of foreign companies Siemens, Armstrong, Consultec, Uponor, CCI, Intertransit, Bosch, Air Products Plc, RioTinto, Finpro, Phoenix, Lebedyns'kyi GZK.

SE Ukrpromzovnishexpertyza (UPE Co) is a member of the UMA and ESOMAR, it renders marketing researches in complience with the UMA Marketing Research Quality Standards.


03057, Kiev-57,
prosp.Peremogi, 54/1, r.436
tel./faks. +38 (044) 456-08-94; 459 62 09
Ukrainian Marketing Association