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TouchPoll TM Ukraine
limited liability company

General Manager Tatyana Zheltomirskaya

Project Director Alex Lavrenov

Address: bul. Lesi Ukrainki 21, office 25, Kiev 04011 , Ukraine

E-mail: info@touchpoll.com.ua

Web - site : www.touchpoll.com.ua

Tel.: + 38 044 254 2350, 592 9389

Fax: + 38 044 254 2350, 592 9389

Established in 2002 Number of employees – 30

Number of interviewers – 120

Contact person: Olena Minkovska

Activities : Quantitative research using TouchPoll systems Business and research consulting, Information collection, Data processing, Data analysis and development of analytical reports Desk research, Specialized and monitoring researches, Multiple task (multiple method) studies.

Services: Consumer researches: Tracking and Аd hoс studies among which are: Ad research, Business-to-business market studies, Kids' market researches, Satisfaction studies, Financial market studies, International researches, Market segmentation and classification studies, Media researches, Price studies, Tests, Social and political studies, Brand researches, Pharmaceutical market researches.

TouchPoll Ukraine – the only Ukrainian quantitative research specialized agency that possesses a unique research tool – TouchPoll systems.

TouchPoll Ukraine – the only Ukrainian quantitative research specialized agency that possesses a unique research tool – TouchPoll systems.

TouchPoll system – A touchscreen-driven opinion research system that automatically polls respondents.

Completely customizable for specific needs, questions and answers can be changed quickly.

Top Line results can be seen or printed out instantly, and at any time.

TouchPoll is interactive, so respondents answer different questions as a result of their last answers.

TouchPoll™ unique values : Several times as fast as clipboard survey, Keypunching of data is eliminated (accurate and fast data), Most bias removed (self-administered). Respondents answer sensitive questions more honestly, Polling hard-to-survey demographics, like seniors and high-income earners, is easier than any other methodology, From 85 to 100% of public agree to participate in survey, Interactivity probes deeper into issues (automatically structured interview), Report publishing time is cut by nearly 100%, reports are ready the moment when research is finished, so data is fresh, not history, Modify surveys any time, Check interim survey results and adjust questionnaires, Communicate data wirelessly.

Member of UMA and British Market Research Society.

TouchPoll Ukraine adheres the following standards: UMA, ESOMAR, АМА and MRS.


03057, Kiev-57,
prosp.Peremogi, 54/1, r.436
tel./faks. +38 (044) 456-08-94; 459 62 09
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