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Public Organization on Support of intellectual programs Public Marketing Bureau

Head of the OSIP QUARK Alexey Zmey

Chief of PMB NBT Victor Kovalenko

Address: 11-a prospect Ostrjakova, Sevastopol ,

AR CRIMEA, 99007 Ukraine

E-mail: qvark@sevbit.com

Web-site: www.sevbit.com

Tel: + 380 692 452 296

Fax: +380 692 452 296

Established 1966

Employees 7

Interviewers 5

Contact: Victor Kovalenko

Activity methods :

business and/or research consultancy, data processing services, data miningdesk researcheducational services, face-to-face fieldwork, mail surveysomnibus surveys, panel and/or continuous surveys, qualitative marketing research, statistical analysis, telephone fieldwork, others.

Services offered :

advertising research, trade mark research (point, which), business-to-business research, child studies, consumer marketing research, customer satisfaction, financial research, industrial research, international marketing research, internet research, market modeling, market segmentation, typology media research, medical/pharmaceutical research, packaging research, personnel surveys, pricing research, product testing/new product research, brand image research, travel/tourism research, others.

Quark has been conducting its activity of gifted citizens support for 7 years. The activity was in a kind of performed support of gifted persons working outs, creation of conditions for the further development of gifted youth and charitable activity in favour of different sects of the population. Among the perfomed projects worth mentioning are the following: the support of elaborators of the special communication equipment for Kyiv special department Kobra SA 1 UMIA of Ukraine, elaborators of the information system in Sevastopol and in the AR Crimea, the organization Business club of entertainment and leisure, support and promotion of the gifted young to the social organization Inter-News Ukraine, creation of the public marketing bureau New business technologies, participation in different social projects.

The process of creation childrens' center aimed at preventing them form traffic accidents is now in progress, as well as creation of youth sport center. These centers are supported by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Ukraine in Sevastopol .

Activity of public organization Quark aimed at intellectual programs' support furthers the development of gifted youth, creates favourable conditions for the formation of home producers and recreational business in the AR Crimea, brisks up the sponsoring activity among entrepreneurs and performs the patriotic social function of spiritual and cultural life improvement in Ukraine .

Quark is a member of the Ukrainian Marketing Association, it renders market research services in accordance with the UMA Marketing Research Quality Standards.


03057, Kiev-57,
prosp.Peremogi, 54/1, r.436
tel./faks. +38 (044) 456-08-94; 459 62 09
Ukrainian Marketing Association