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Director: Klitochenko Tamara Mikhailivna
Address: 22, Vorovskogo St., Kyiv, 01601, Ukraine
e-mail dzi@dzi.mfert.gov.ua; iren@dzi.mfert.gov.ua
Web-site www.ukrdzi.com

Tel: +38 (044) 486 16 36; +38 (044) 486 93 96
Fax: +38 (044) 486 23 68
Established: 1996
Employees: 70
Contact: Irina Chernova, Marina Semenova

Positioning: analytics, market research, consulting in production sphere, trade, consumption, management and strategic planning of business


Services offered: providing with full array of consulting & research services. Full completed cycle of research supporting is offered: from fieldwork to straight desk research and branch consulting. Team method has been successfully used to realize research project. Skilled managers managing the strategy and practice of marketing research and branch experts are working in one the team. The main sectors of the national economy are covered by Informational and analytical departments of DZI. Exclusive union of marketing practice and branch experts let us achieve the correct picture of any market and save Client turn to different Research Agents to realize complex request. The unique benefit of our Company is also comprehensive data resource


Information sources of DZI:

¨        Databank of the Ministry of economy of Ukraine;

¨        Information from Trade and economic missions of Ukraine abroad;

¨        Data of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine;

¨        Information of Customs Services of Ukraine and Russia;

¨        Databank of ICC;

¨        More than 50 specialized analytical foreign editions;

¨        Internal specialized databanks of DZI (prices, companies, legislation)

¨        Regular monitoring of Ukrainian Economy sectors:

ü metallurgy;

ü mining industry;

ü coal mining and coal dressing products;

ü oil and oil products;

ü light industry and other raw stock resources;

ü agricultural produce and chemical industry

ü machinery manufacturing and automobile manufacturing


Lines of activity:

o         Marketing and social-politic research

o         Market letter

o         Market diagnostic (diagnostics of market willingness to product)

o         New product: testing, consumers perception of brand name, packaging, price, taste etc. image of ideal product

o         Consumer research: consumers preferences & buyers behavior; satisfaction, demands, expectations & attitudes

o         Advertising research

o         Electoral behavior: electoral orientations, demands, expectations & attitudes

o         Branchs research

o         Complex branchs research; branchs specialization:

          oil and oil products


          agricultural produce

          food industry

          chemical industry

          Energy industry

o         Business consulting

o         Media-direction

o         EVENT management

          Conferences, seminars, business-trainings

          PROMO & BTL actions

          New product promoting

          Corporative arrangements

          Forums, exhibitions and presentations

o         Informational-analytical products

ü        Operational informational-analytical researches

ü        Printing: Price Review

ü        Internet resource www.uapetrol.com

ü        Catalogue Importers and Exporters of Ukraine

ü        Regular analytical reviews


          Commodity Monitor


Research methods:

o         desk research

o         qualitative methods: focus groups (different styles), pair interviewing, expert interviews, in-depth interviews

o         direct measurement: storecheck, pantry check, observation



Trade representative office of Switzerland in Ukraine, FiBL (Research institute of organic agriculture, Switzerland); USDA Foreign Agricultural Service; British American Tabacco; International law company Solomon-Group; Euro-Foods Ukraine, Pulse, Nord, Market Group, TNK etc


03057, Kiev-57,
prosp.Peremogi, 54/1, r.436
tel./faks. +38 (044) 456-08-94; 459 62 09
Ukrainian Marketing Association