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The Department of Marketing and Logistics of Lviv National Polytechnic University started its existence in 1945. The year was commemorated by the foundation of the leading economic department The Department of Industrial Economy and Production Organization. After having been reorganized for a couple of times, it has obtained a modern title, and is now considered to be the one of the key departments, training highly-qualified specialists in marketing and logistics in Ukraine.

Professor, Doctor of Philosophy of Economic Science, Khrykavsky Yevhen Vasyliovych, the honored worker in the sphere of education in Ukraine, has been the Head of the Department since 1992. The teaching staff of the Department consists of 40 teachers, including 4 Doctors of Philosophy of Economic Science, professors, 19 Candidates of Sciences, associate professors. Key persons of the Department are Ph.D, professor Chukhray N. I., Candidates of Sciences, associate professors Moroz L. A., Mamchyn M.M., Mnykh O.B., Kosar N. S., Chornopyska N. V., Hryniv N. T., and others. Under the guidance of Pr. Khrykavsky and the Head of Marketing section, Moroz L. A., the Department was the first in Western Ukraine to train specialists in marketing. They graduated from the University in 1997. The year 1998 was the year of graduation of the first Masters in marketing. Since the major Marketing has been created, the Department trained 143 Masters and 178 Specialists.

Licensed number of specialists in Marketing to be trained is : Bachelors Degree 60 people, Specialists and Masters Degree 60 people. Famous Ukrainian Scientific School of Marketing and Logistics was founded under the guidance of Pr. Khrykavsky. The last 5 years were commemorated by 2 doctoral theses, 10 Ph. D theses, 9 monographs, 7 textbooks, and 3 school-books with the stamp of Ministry of Education and Science in Ukraine. The text-books are Marketing (Moroz L. A., Chukhray N. I.), Industrial Marketing ( Khrykavsky Y. V., Chukhray N. I.), Logistics. For Economists( Khrykavsky Y. V.), Logistics Management( Khrykavsky Y. V.), Logistics. Fundamentals(Khrykavsky Y. V.), Marketing (Rudelius U., Moroz L. A., Hlynsky N. Yu.); school-books are Marketing Research (Khrykavsky Y. V., Mnykh O. B., Kosar N. I., Soroka L. A.), Logistics. Summary and Practice (Khrykavsky Y. V., Chukhray N. I., Chornopyska N. V.) etc.

Since 1996 the international scientific and practical conference Marketing and Logistics in the System of Management is held every two years. Since 2000 the Reporter of Lviv National Polytechnic University titled Logistics has been published. The version is certified by the Supreme Certifying Commission in Ukraine.

The Department cooperates with Higher Specialized School in Lippie (Germany, the city of Lemho), Western-Saxon Higher Specialized School (Germany, the city of Zwikau), the University of Economics named after Matej Bell (Slovakia, the city of Banska-Bystrytsa), Krakhiv Academy of Economics ( Poland, the city of Krakhiv), Higher School of Entrepreneurship and Management (Poland, the city of Lodz). This cooperation presupposes common conferences, training students and postgraduates, and probation period for teachers.

The teachers of the Department of Marketing and Logistics were the founders of Lviv Regional organization of Ukrainian Academy of Management headed by associate professor Moroz L. A., the member UAM Board since the day of its foundation.

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