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   Members Marketing Research Director Club      

Members Marketing Research Director Club

Dmitry Borisovich Agrachev,
UMP company
Member of ESOMAR.
Since 1996 the chief, and since 1999 the chief and the general director of the UMP company (the Ukrainian Marketing Project).
Since 1994 Chief about 1000 marketing projects, including unique for Ukraine.
Since 1989 Participated in the organization of sociological and marketing researches.
Worked at Sociology Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, research companies Sotsis Gallup and USM.
Graduate from the SanktPetersburg State University on a sociology speciality.

Alexandr Andryushchenko
Has graduated from Kyiv National Economical University named after V.Getman with the major in Banking. Ukrprivinvest-K was the first employer.
Further Ukrprivinvest JSIFC, Securities Trading Department. The next step employment at CF JSC Ukrinbank, Retail Business Department, further CF JSCB PREMIERBANK, Corporate Business Department. Competence in finance contributed to the successful work in the position of the Finance Director at Ekocheese subsidiary. In 2004 PRO-CONSULTING Financial and Analytical Group LLC was founded. As of today, competence of the General Director Alexandr Andryushchenko extends to all spheres of financial and analytical consulting, stock market, asset management and corporate finance.

Ali Nazar Nadim
Marketing Technologies Bureau
Limited liability company

Irina Baleva,
General manager Ipsos Ukraine

Natalija Berezovska,
Company KIDS Market Consulting

Sergij Bryoukhanov,
Company Bryous

Nadija Voroushilo
Company Medical Data Menegament

Mykhailo Veklyk,
president of M.V.Group
Organizer and manager of projects on social and market researches since 1999.
Founder in 1999, general manager and owner of M.V.Group.
In 2001 he has defended the diploma project called Popularity Of Mass-media On The Basis Of Own Company's Work On Multimedia Ratings Researches, Lviv National University named Ivan Franco, Lviv, Ukraine.
He was listener of marketing courses of UAM (Kyiv, Ukraine) and Modern University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia. Since 2001 he is the member of the Council of Experts of the Teleradiokurier magazine (Kyiv, Ukraine), established with a purpose to study a modern media market in Ukraine and to prepare professional forecasts and recommendations.
Since 2003 he is the collective member of UAM.
Since 2003 he is the member of the OMS (All-Russian Marketing System), established by RAM (Russian Association of Marketing, Moscow, Russia.
Since 2009 he has joined Business Development Group, the international consulting network (Eastern Europe, Turkey, Russia, China, Pakistan).
+380 44 233 9876

Oleksiy Voloshchuk,
Company Sempler (Chernovsy)

Volodymir Vlasyuk
State Enterprises UkrPromZovnishExpertiza (UPE)

Oleksij Galkin,
director Alliance Capital Management
Work experience:
Alliance Capital Management - Director General;
Universal Consulting Group projects leader;
Business Analytica Europe Limited - projects leader of researches in Ukraine and Moldova;
Agency of Marketing Technologies - supervisor of interviewers networks in Kiev.

Arthur Gerasimov,
General director of the holding Ukrainian Marketing Group (UMG).
A member of ESOMAR, .
Graduated from the Kyiv national university named after Taras Shevchenko, sociologist.
The founder of the UMG in 1994. Since 1998 he is the director, the general director of the UMG. At present the UMG is the holding which consists of 5 specialized companies, about 100 employees working in the head quarters, and 1700 own interviewers in all region of the country.

Dmitriy Gaiduk
COMCON - Ukraine General director.
Higher technical and marketing education, 14 years experience in marketing research.
ESOMAR, U member

Natalia Gasanenko,
Company The Beuro of statistics analyses.
Director of the Partnership The Beuro of statistics analyses, Ph.D in science (mathematics). She worked as the head of the department of data processing in the Ukrainian Institute of Sociology in 1990-1994, then in 1994-2001 in the SOCIS Gallup International, Kyiv office. In 1996 was the head of the department of media research in SOCIS, mass media monitoring project. Since 2004 is the head of the consulting company The Beuro of statistics analyses (www.oca.com.ua) She is the author of more than 50 papers on issues of Marketing and Mass Media Research.

Alexandr Gladounov
The director of the information and consulting centre Rivno regional organization Ukrainian Marketing Association
+380 362 262 738

International Research Agency IFAK Ukraine.
Mr. Govorukha holds an M.A. degree in Social science from Lancaster University. He is a member of European Sociological Association (ESA). He is an author of 18 publications.
Sphere of interests: research in reputational management\reputational audit.
Starting form January 2007 Mr. Govorukha is a shareholder and Director General of IFAK Ukraine Llc. In 2006 he has created Windmills consult research studio. Since 2001 Mr. Govorukha has been involved in public opinion research and consulting.

Vitaliy Georgiev
Company Target Media
+380 629 410 310

Serghei Dascalu,
Action Data Group LLC
President and founder of Action Data Group LLC (USA) and its Ukrainian CIS division, headquartered in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. The information resources and staff of Action Data Group are present in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and the Baltic.
Serghei Dascalu is a member of UAM, , AmCham, ISMD.
As a member of ESOMAR ADG strictly adheres in its activities to the ICC/ESOMAR Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice.
Mr. Dascalu has an extensive experience in most major sectors of economy since 1989.
SD supports the UAM Program of Marketing Specialist Certification and gives preference to certificated specialists when considering their CVs.
Languages: Russian, English, Romanian.

Andrii Dligach
Advanter Group, consulting group
Managing director of Advanter Group.
PhD Economics, MA Marketing, MA Applied mathematics.
Business-consultant on the strategic management, marketing, brand management.
Top expert of Ukrainian Marketing Association,
Head of international professional jury of Brand of year (Belarus).
Associate professor of the International Economy Chair at the Kiev National Tarasa Shevchenko University.
Undergone the internship in Alabama University (USA), NIMA (Netherlands), Higher school of management (Poland).
Author of the 80 publications and 5 books on the strategic management, marketing, business engineering and international economy.
14 years of experience in consulting projects and marketing research. More than 350 realized projects.

Tetyana Zheltomirska,
Director company Touchpoll

Eduard Zolotukhin
Group of companies Research & Branding Group (R&B Group)
Joint owner, general director Research & Branding Group, PhD in Political science.
Member of UAM, ESOMAR.
In the complement of R&B Group enters 2 companies of researches: R&B Research and R&B Mystery Shopping and also advertising agency of Marco.
Tel. (044) 529-22-48, 529-22-84
E-mail: Zolotukhin@rb.com.ua

Katerina Kostyereva commercial director of the group of companies Terrasoft (Kiev, Ukraine).
1999 2000, MIM-Kyiv, Master of Business Administration (MBA)
1994 1998, NTUU KPI, Bachelor of Computer Science
Katerina has work experience in Ukrainian and foreign companies. Since 2002 Katerina is a commercial director of Terrasoft company.

Vladimiros Kyrkimtzis,
Rresearch experience: 8 years
Specialization: Product Testing, Brand and Communications solutions
Industry specialization: FMCG, Banking and finance, Retail, IT&Telecom
Vladimiros Kyrkimtzis embarked upon his career in the sphere of marketing in the company Bang & Olufsen(Cyprus). After having graduated with a degree in marketing from the Coventry University (UK), started working for Synovate, being responsible for the regional Coca-Cola projects. In 2005 he held the responsibility for the Coca-Cola projects in the Northern Africa. At the end of 2007 Vladimiros was appointed a director of Synovate Ukraine.

Klitochenko Tamara Mihajlovna,
Informational-Analytical Centre of monitoring of foreign commodity markets director
1968 1973 - Moscow State Institute of international relations, speciality: Economist of foreign trade.
1997 up to present time - Informational-Analytical Centre of monitoring of foreign commodity markets director
1993 1997 Administration of market conjuncture and information about prices attached to Ministry of Foreign Relations and Foreign Trade of Ukraine Head of Administration
1988 1993 Ukrainian self-supporting foreign trade association Ukrimpeks attached to Council of Ministers of Ukrainian SSR Head of Conjuncture and prices Department.
1975 1980 - Temporary work in Jeneva Branch Of OUN (Swiss)
1996 was given the rank of Honoured Economist of Ukraine.

Dmitriy Krakovich,
consultancy director at KIIS - Kiev International Institute of Sociology,
Studied at Taras Shevchenko Kiev State University at Department of Sociology and Psychology and City University of New York at Department of Media Studies. Dmitriy works within marketing sphere since 1990. He participated in creating the first nationwide interviewers network in Ukraine for KIIS in early 90th. Dmitriy is one of the authors of the first textbook in Ukraine on conducting interviews in sociological and marketing research that was published by KIIS in 1992. In The United States he worked for SkyView and RTVi television providers. In Ukraine he founded Formula marketing agency, Intelis marketing service and DK Media productions company. As a producer Dmitriy worked with Molodist and Krok Ukrainian international film festivals, he is the founder and the head of 'Photo Exhibitions in Kiev' popular Internet resource. Dmitriy is the author of numerous articles on marketing, culture, arts, social problems at such periodic publications as 'Contracts', 'Companion', 'Marketing in Ukraine', 'Department of Marketing', 'Mirror of the Week', 'Day' and others. He lectures at Department of Sociology of National University Kyiv Mohyla Academy. At the KIIS Dmitriy is in charge of developing new methodics, conducting marketing research, consulting and audit. He also supervises conducting research projects for large domestic and international clients.

Iryna Lylyk,
Ukrainian Marketing Association
PhD, docent, general director of Ukrainian Marketing Association, executive editor of journal Marketing in Ukraine, manager of the project Marketing Newspaper (UMA electronic edition), one of the authors of Quality Marketing Research Standards 91.12.0-21708654-001-2002.
Finished Kyiv National University named after Taras Shevchenko (economic faculty).
Got PhD degree In Lviv National University named after Ivan Franko.
Nowadays docent of KNEU marketing department.
Started her career as assistant at the department of economic theory of Lviv polytechnic institute. Cooperated with Lviv institute of management. Worked as a business plan trainer in International Finance Corporation. Since 1998 general director of Ukrainian Marketing Association. In 2005 was elected as National ESOMAR Representative in Ukraine.
Upgraded qualification in USA, Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands.

Olena Levchenko,
Company Beeper
General director

Oxana Loutsenko
Company Marketing Lab
Profession: a specialist in the field in HR management. She graduated from the Academy of Labor and Social relations (1998-2003), specialty sociology and social labour; specialization social management. She worked in some consulting companies, which were specializing in carry out marketing and sociological research.
Since 2005 she has been the head of the Company Marketing Lab
. She is developing and implementing the method Mystery Shopping in Ukraine. She has worked out and realized a number of project directed to standardization of work, supervision, assessment and motivation of the trade personnel in retail network of various segment of the market. She is author of some article and activities devoted to Mystery Shopping in Ukraine and up to date methods of building relations with dealers and distributors.

Dennis Lyubyvy,
Dennis is a CEO and co-founder of CONTACTIS outsourcing contact center. He is an expert of call-center management and CRM implimentation. Prior to CONCTACTIS served as CEO of Internet Consulting & Communications, a web publishing agency. Before that, worked as an editor at the Ukrainian edition of the computer magazine CHIP for 5 years. Launched CHIP-CD project cover CD for the magazine. Graduated from the department of applied mathematics of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Ivan Lyoubarsky
Director of the company IRS - Innovative Research Solution.
A member of the ESOMAR. He has graduated from the Kyiv National University named after T. Shevchenko, a philologist. He has been working the field of marketing researchfor more than 13 years. He has carried out more than 300 successful research projects. Since 2004 he has been conductive moduls such as Marketing research and Lateral marketing for the student of MBA at the Institute of International Business Relations (Steinbeis University, Berlin). The company Innovative Research Solution (IRS) is a marketing agency of the complete cycle and is specializing in carrying out research project directed to finding and implementing of innovative ideas in business.

Andrij Malko
Consulting company Alpina consult

Nikolaj Majger
company Majger Consult

Alexandr Moskalec,
company DMG Alliance (Dnipropetrovsk)

Artem Petkevych,
Executive Director, Project Manager (Coordinator) Information and Analytical Center Liga-Pro
1997-2002 Kherson National Technical University
baccalaurean of Economic cybernetics
specialist of Managerial information systems
Other relevant facts:
November-Decemver 2006, Lviv
Certificate on Training Course Project management, Within The Democracy And Public Service Capacity Building In The Ukraine Project, Supported By Telenor Company
June 2005 - Certificate on Training Seminar Effective managment , Genshtalt Company (Kyiv)
1999-2000 - Advertising agency Cedar
Deputy Director
2001 - National NGO Znannya, Kherson State Organization, Trainer on computer usage
2001-2006 Us-Ukraine Foundation, South Ukrainian Regional Training Center (Kherson) Training and Monitoring Coordinator
Information specialist
2002-2009 - Information and Analytical Center Liga-Pro, Executive Director, Project Manager (Coordinator)

Volodymyr Paniotto,
company InMind
InMind President,
Doctor of Philosophy, Kyiv Mohyla Academy University Professor
Member of ESOMAR, WAPOR, AAPOR; member of a number of Ukrainian and Russian scientific magazines editorial boards. First National Representative of ESOMAR in Ukraine (2000-2005), Ukrainian Marketing Association Vice-President.
Internationally recognized expert on research methodology, sample design, modeling. V.Paniotto has developed special methods and indices for consumer behavior and population socioeconomic structure analysis as well as solutions for multilevel segmentation. V.Paniotto took part in 4-stage random sampling concept developing and its adaptation to the local conditions, special software development. The author of over 140 publications, included more than 10 books.
InMind is the full service marketing research company, representative of Factum Group international network.

Sergiy Paladiychuk,
company Bureau Mart (Rovno, Ukraine)

Victoria Pasechnik,
Company KPD-100
She has got 11 years of experience of work in the field of marketing. She has more than 100 completed project in marketing research.
Education: she has graduated from the faculty of Marketing of the Kyiv National Economic University and faculty of commercial low Regional Academy of Management.
She published more than 50 articles and research papers on the issues of marketing.

Svetlana Potocka,
ARMI Marketing Ukraine
Limited liability company

Vjljdymir Ponomarjov, Ph.D,
Ukrainian Media Monitor
Limited liability company

Vadim Pustotin,
Brand-consulting company
+38 044 5033142

Yaroslav Pelykh, Eximtek, ltd

Dmytro Rodenko,
Director and a founder International Marketing Group
Work experience in marketing 10 years. After graduation of the Kyiv Institute of Investment Management Dmytro continued his work as a manager of international projects, than worked for the Joint project of UN and Reneissance foundation Innovation Springboard, and later in First Tuesday Global Office and Royal Holding.

Since 2003 he concentrated on creation of all-Ukrainian research company which is in Ukrainian research agencies TOP 30 by turnover now.
More than 230 research projects are successfully completed as for now. The main clients are Gallina Blanka, Ukravto, TM "Svitoch", Telekart-pribor UZ-DAEWOO, Slavuta-treyding PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM, 20th Century Fox, Reuters, British Counsil, Microsoft, British Telecom, MTS, PEOPLE net, Shell, TNK-BP, Concorde etc. www.marketing-ua.com

Oleg Sinauk,
company New Image Marketing Group (Kharkov)
The president New Image Marketing Group. In 2001 graduated from Kharkov State University, the faculty of Finance, Credit and Banking speciality finance of the enterprises.
He has been engaged in research and promotion activity since 2001. In 2003 he founded the company New Image Marketing Group.

Volodimir Sitay,
Company PrivatInform
He is Ph.D (technical sciences). He is head of the research company PrivatInform (Kryviy Rig city). He has been specializing in carrying out consulting and research work for industrial enterprises.

Denis Stykalov,
Company MDN Group

Miroslav Udanovich,
Company Inborn Centre
Education graduated from the National technical University of Ukraine Kyiv polytechnic institute in 1975. He was engaged into industrial marketing, production logistics, information logistics, technological and machine building.

Alexander Fedorishin,
GfK Ukraine is a member of the worldwide GfK Group
Ph.D in psychology, the general director of the GfK Ukraine, a member of the Council Ukrainian Marketing Association, a member of the ESOMAR, the author of the Quality research standards of Ukrainian Marketing Association.

Feofilov Sergey, 1958
Education - Kiev Shevchenko University (1981)
Foreign languages - English, Ukrainian
PhD Economics (1985)
Work Experience - State Bank of the USSR, lecturer, trader, consultan in agrarian sector and food industry
Currently works at UkrAgroConsult, Commodity market analyst
Activity is focused on the Black Sea Region (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania).

Fedorenko Tatyana,
Parus Corporation
candidate of chemical science, associate professor
from 1994 general director of Parus Corporation
1981-1994 professor of National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute",
+38 044 565 55 44
+38 044 565 55 77

Irina Firstova,
Director-general ACNielsen Ukraine
Education National Technical University of Ukraine KPI, Engineering physical faculty Y1996
Professional experience
April 2008 to date - ACNielsen Ukraine, Director-general
August 2006 April 2008 - ACNielsen Ukraine, Head of a department Client Sales and Service
March 2005 August 2006 - ACNielsen Ukraine, Group account manager of department Client Sales and Service
May 2003 March 2005 - ACNielsen Ukraine, Account manager of department Client Sales and Service
September 2000 May 2003 - ACNielsen Ukraine, key specialist of department Load Electronic Date
+38 (044) 499 29 80, 8 067 214 85 48

Kyrylo Chabanov,
DIAC Company, international partnership Intersearch

Stanislav Cheglintsev,
MASMI Ukraine Ltd,
Member of MASMI research group
General director

Hikolay Churilov,
company Taylor Nelson Sofres Ukraine
doctor of social sciences, the general director of the company TNS Ukraine, the author of the Quality research standards of Ukrainian Marketing Association, a member of the Council Ukrainian Marketing Association, a member of the editorial board of the journal Marketing in Ukraine.
The author and co-author of about 100 scientific articles, and especially such monographs as Public inquiries -1984, Designing of the selective sociological research- 1986, Kyiv in 1990-1991. Sociological reportage -1993, Regionalism in Ukraine as the subject of sociological research- 1998.

Volodymir Sheleketa,
Head of board
joint stock company StatinformConsulting

Yuriy Shchyrin,
Agency of the Industrial Marketing
He is the founder and the President of this company.
Education: graduated the Lviv National University named after Ivan Franko.
He is an economist.
After my economic education, received in Lviv (Lviv National University, Economic department, honoured diploma), I moved to Kyiv and started my work as a Marketing Specialist in newly-born small electro technical company (7 people in 2000). Marketing became my main interest beginning from 2-nd course of University, and that helped me to grow professionally.
The key question during the work was to build the company`s Marketing system, which allowed to obtain permanent market analysis and conduct long-term relations with our customers and dealers. In the fastgrowing market I followed aggressive strategies.The process of sales growth went together with the growth of the company. 2002 (91% sales growth, 35 people worked), 2003 (120% sales growth, 55 people worked), 2004 (95% sales growth, 70 people worked). From February 2003 I had a managerial experience after the Marketing Department had been formed.
In October 2004 I established the first specialized business-to business market research agency in Ukraine. Agency of Industrial Marketing has the mission to give go-to-market srvices and business intelligence solutions for work on b2b markets.
After Orange Revolution were simultaneously involved in 6 month development of analytical decision support system for president of Ukraine. Recruited and organized a full-time Department of Monitoring and Repoting about economic and social situation for President Administration (Secretariat). Together with the department organized informational control system for Ukrainian Parlament Elections 2006.
Today I am driving the Agency of Industrial Marketing, very dynamic company that opens markets both for interantional and internal companies. Among our largest clients: Knauf (Germany), Industrial Union of Donbas (3-rd largest industrial group of Ukraine), Caterpillar (USA), UkrSibbank (BNP Pariba Group), Merasco Capital (Finland). The Agencys annual revenue growth is above 110%.


03057, Kiev-57,
prosp.Peremogi, 54/1, r.436
tel./faks. +38 (044) 456-08-94; 459 62 09
Ukrainian Marketing Association