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Ukrainian Marketing Association was found 20 February 1997. Court of Founders made decision to create Ukrainian marketing managers union.

Main scopes of Association:

  • Creating professional marketing managers union
  • Providing standards for marketing managers activity
  • Creating informational platform for professionals in the field of marketing
  • Propaganda and promotion of marketing as a science

In 1999 Ukrainian Marketing Association obtained status of All Ukrainian Civic Society Organization.

Main scopes of this period:

  • Creating civilization business field in Ukraine
  • Promoting marketing as a defining economic development and well - being factor
  • Supporting small and medium businesses by providing marketing principles in economic activity
  • Help in creating clear mechanism of cooperation between educational institutions, business and state bodies in the field of marketing education

Main projects of this period:

  • Edition of scientifically practical magazine Marketing in Ukraine (at first once a quartal, then once in two months). Ukrainian VAK accreditated it as a professional scientific edition
  • Providing annual scientifically practical conference Marketing in Ukraine and round tables between marketing managers and producers in different economic industries, aimed to get knowledge in the field modern marketing tools, find common corporative goals.

Since 2000 leading marketing research agencies became UMA members. Directors of Research Agencies Club was created. In 2004 2005 UMA members, due to experts opinion, conducted more than 90% of marketing research, done on order by marketing research agencies, turnover.

It made possible creating, adopting and state registration of Quality Marketing Research UMA Standards COY 91.120-21708654-001-2002. This document was created on the basis current international standards and is regulative for the industry. It helps in developing professional level and development of clear competition.

In 2003 ESOMAR Code was officially translated from English to Ukrainian. Book, edited by UMA, was presented at conference Marketing in Ukraine in November 2003 in Kyiv National Economic University with financial support of Netherlands Kingdom Council in Ukraine. Officially translation of ESOMAR Code was edited in 1000 copies and was given to UMA members, university teachers and leading libraries in Ukraine. Nowadays Quality Marketing Research UMA Standards COY 91.120-21708654-001-2002 and ESOMAR Code are regulative documents for doing business in the field of marketing.

Since 2005 UMA is official ESOMAR member. General Director of UMA Iryna Lylyk was elected as National ESOMAR Representative in Ukraine.

Documents of foreign associations are regularly published scientifically practical magazine Marketing in Ukraine.

UMA conferences and seminars became place of meetings of scientists and practics of Ukrainian marketing business it is not common for many branches of Ukrainian economy. Aiming to develop marketing as a science and creating platform for communication between scientists, marketing managers and researchers UMA annually provides International Scientifically Practice Conference Marketing in Ukraine.

The main aim of the conference is discussing the tendencies of marketing development in Ukraine, perspective ways of marketing education, new research technologies, exchange experience between Ukrainian marketing managers and foreign guests. Results of the conference are published as topics of speeches and discussions.

Since 2003 UMA annually provides All Ukrainian Forum Industrial Marketing. Its main aim is development marketing for b2b sector and providing modern marketing technologies in activity of industrial firms. Sponsors were companies Siemens Ukraine and Eurocar. Philosophy of the forum Clearity and Partnership.

In 2004 UMA created and suggested for its members electronic edition, at first named as Informational UMA Bulletin and then as Marketing Magazine. Main objective of this edition is operative information for marketing managers about marketing projects in Ukraine and abroad.

To realize statute objectives Supporting small and medium businesses by providing marketing principles in economic activity UMA provided a cycle of training seminars in Mykolaiv city Practical trainings in business planning and investment management for women entrepreneurs. In 2000 this Project was realized with financial support of Vidrodschennya fund.

In 2003-2004 project Men and Women Partnership in Business was realized with support of Canadian Ukrainian Gender Fund. The main aim of the project was creating gender equality in business by teaching to cooperate effectively. Teaching process was organized as modules of trainings in business planning, marketing, HR management and psyhotechnologies in business. In 2004 this project was also realized in Rivne Regional Organization of UMA (President Olexandr Deynega , Director Olexandr Gladynov). More then 300 people from all Ukrainian regions studied in this project.

UMA is regularly providing open trainings for studying new technologies in marketing, advertisement and PR.

Regular communication with heads of firms, and opinion, conducted by UMA in 2003, proved that the most important problem for firms development is the lack of professionally taught people.

Since 2000 there is Marketing Teachers Club in UMA. UMA annually provides methodical seminar for teachers, in which content of educational courses and exchange of experience in teaching methods are discussed. First methodical seminar Methodological Provision of Marketing Teachers took place 25 October 2002 commonly with Marketing Section of Scientifically Methodical Commission of Economy Education of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Teachers annually meet to discuss ways of development marketing education in Ukraine. In 2005 Professional Education in Marketing: educationally qualification requires brochure was published. This book was edited on the basis of materials of Work Seminar, which took place in June 2005 with financial support of USA Council in Ukraine.

Since 2005 UMA is member of European Marketing Confederation, aiming to harmonize professional requires for marketing managers, created by national associations.

In 2005 Student Marketing Club was created on the basis of Kyiv University of Technologies and Design.

In 2005, 2006 All Ukrainian Competition of Students Works in Marketing was organized for support talented youth. In 2006 this competition was named after Igor Tkachenko, founder of competition and talented marketing manager. Igor Tkachenko created one of the first in modern economic business advertising company. He was first, who sold fist people metric panel in Ukrainian market, was one of founders of Quality Marketing Research UMA Standards. Company TNS Ukraine in nomination marketing research supports competition. First winners are students of Chmelnycky National University Iryna Zaharchyk and Natalia Pazevich.

Founders of All Ukrainian Civic Society Organization Ukrainian Marketing Association: academician Anatoliy Pavlenko, prof. Alla Starostina, prof. Anatoliy Voychak, prof. Tatyana Chygankova, PhD in economics Iryna Lylyk, PhD in economics Vladimir Zabolotnuy, prof. Vladimir Onischenko.

As UMA President was elected Rector KNEU, academician Anatoliy Pavlenko, Vice Presidents: prof. Alla Starostina, prof. Anatoliy Voychak, prof. Vladimir Paniotto, Olexandr Gladynov.

UMA Court: Svetlana Gostilova, prof. Victor Zaryba, PhD in economics Natalia Karpenko, PhD in economics Iryna Lylyk, PhD in History Sergiy Lylyk, Pavel Makarenko, PhD in economics Ludmyla Moroz, prof. Tatyana Reschetilova, prof. Iryna Reschetnikova, Oleg Sinauk, PhD Olexandr Fedoryschyn, prof. Nikolay Chyrilov, prof. Larysa Yachuschyna.

General Director PhD in economics Iryna Lylyk

03057, Kiev-57,
prosp.Peremogi, 54/1, r.436
tel./faks. +38 (044) 456-08-94; 459 62 09
Ukrainian Marketing Association